Conmar Live 2022

A D&D Adventurers League convention
August 26th-28th 2022 at CityBox Hotel in central Oslo.


What is Conmar 2022?

We meet for a weekend of fun and D&D games from Friday to Sunday. New to D&D or Adventurers League? We offer games for various levels of player experience.

Conmar 2022 is organised on a voluntary basis by the AL Nordic community under the local gaming society in Oslo, Spillklubben Ares.

AL Nordic is a cooperative between, but not exclusive to, Nordic Adventurers League communities.

What is Adventurers League?

AL is Wizards of the Coast organized D&D play. See Wizards of the Coast information.

When the Lights Went Out in Candlekeep – Featured epic!

Saturday evening, we will be playing the multi-table adventure, When the Lights Went Out in Candlekeep. Read more on how to help save the ancient library with us.

The Trading Post arrives

Throughout Conmar 2022, you can visit the fabled Trading Post! Here you can trade magic items, buy potions and hang about with your fellow adventurers. Would you like to know more?

Volunteer staff

For everything to go smoothly we need volunteer staff! Necessary instructions will be given.

  • Be available to admit participants onto the premises from 30 minutes before each slot and register arrivals (can play, but have to be flexible).
  • Run the Trading post for an hour during break between game slots (can play).
  • Help with streaming (can not play the slot you volunteer for).
  • Tidy up after last slot Sunday.
  • Things we have forgotten needs to be done.
  • EMAIL AL@ERR.NO if you want to volunteer!

Practical info

The hotel has restricted access. Unless you are staying at the hotel, you will depend on others to let you in. Staff will be in the lobby to let Conmar participants inside for 30 minutes before each slot starts. Contact info will be provided for entry outside this time. When you show up for the first time, please allow for some time to register and get a name badge before your game starts. Please keep the badge on you at all times to verify that you are a Conmar Participant.

DMs please stay within the 4 hour time slots. DMs and players alike need time for breaks, food, drink and preparation for the next one between games. If you suspect your game might go over time, try to cut wherever you can and be open to the players that you are short on time.

Free wifi is available on the premises. Be aware there are not enough power sockets that everyone can charge their devices at the same time.

Use Google maps to navigate the area. There is an in-house café, and an endless amount of eating places within 10 minutes walk. There is a convenience store on the corner of the building, and a larger one at the central station and Steen & Strøm center. The game store Outland is 7 minutes walk in the city centre, be sure to get your discount coupon!

More Information


The venue, Citybox, is a reasonable priced hotel in central Oslo. and are useful for price comparison and booking.

There are two camping sites near Oslo, both a bit away from the city centre, but with decent public transport. These are Ekeberg Camping and Bogstad Camping. Ekeberg is somewhat more central and has a very nice view.

Airbnb and couchsurfing is an option.


Train station: Oslo Sentralstasjon/Oslo Central Station. For trains in Norway, check

Airport: Oslo Gardermoen Airport, OSL (Torp airport Sandefjord is further away and have fewer flights, but also works)

For all public transport in Oslo: Ruter