The Trading Post

Welcome to the Trading Post!

The travelling Trading Post has found its way to Oslo, on the brink of Frozenfar! Here, adventurers can perform various activities while in good company, surrounded by like-minded people.

You can find the player guide in this PDF.

Trade Items

You can trade permanent magic items on a one-for-one basis, either on equal rarity terms, or in favour of the Trading Post (You can trade a rare item in for an uncommon item). You can never trade a unique items or an item where the magical properties are depleted. Only fully charged items, please.

Only tier 4 characters can trade legendary items.

It is free to trade with the dealer.

Any certificates should be traded in – and destroyed by the dealer.

Always create a log entry.

You cannot trade consumables. They’re noisy when on the road.

Purchase Items

Please note that the inventory can change up to the day before arrival, so we cannot say precisely what you might find.

We have spell scrolls aplenty and brews up potions on the spot, fresh from the pot.

Old Adventure Interactions

Two downtime activites from older adventures require a visit to the Trading Post to be completed.

If you have a character with soul coins, you may exchange them at the Trading Post. You may only complete one of these actions per day of the event.

Warning: Some items in the Trading Post has been incorrectly rarity marked. The correct rarity for any item can be found in Dungeon Master's Guide, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything or