When the Lights Went Out in Candlekeep

Darkness has fallen on Candlekeep. Just as the Great Library is about to shed light on the last pieces of Szass Tam’s plan, another enemy seeks to prevent kindling that knowledge.

A four hour adventure for 5th through 16th level characcters, optimized for APL 8 (Tier 2) and APL 13 (Tier 3).

CONTENT WARNINGS: mental health (anxiety, “madness”)

Come join in on the fun, as we embark on a journey to Candlekeep to (hopefylly) save the ancient library from whatever it is that has cast a curse on the old keep.

This adventure is played out as a multi-table game, meaning several tables – usually 4 or more – plays the same adventure, yet different parts of the overall story. Each table is run by the Dungeon Master, as you are used to, while an administrator and a group of wandering non-playing characters, often dressed up, bridge the events taking place on each table, gather intel from participating adventurers, request help for special assignments and keep it all on track until the final arrow has been fired.

What happens on each individual table carries an impact for the entire story, so if the characters are to succeed cooperation is key!

Come join us for four hours of intense and dramatic fun When the Lights Went Out in Candlekeep.